Custom Hand Crafted Card Design: $259

For a fully custom design metal card, Please click on order and go through the purchase process. We will email you a design form to go over your design needs.. We will then create a design render and send you a mockup for approval before we produce your card (up to 2 hours of design work). The EMV chip transplant is FREE with the fully custom design card. 

Card material

For an additional $99, our zero hassle insurance includes up to two incidents which covers lost, stolen, damaged or bank reissued cards for up to two years.

For an additional $75 we will print the front of your card in full color. The back will be laser engraved.No need for this option for carbon fiber cards, CF cards will be printed in full color.

9. Upload a design or have us contact you for your fully custom credit card.

Add Comment About Your Order :

CCV number: For your protection, it is not entered. We will use the number provided on your card.

Services number: We will enter the phone # provided on your card.