FAQs Disabled

Q: How We Do it?

A: To be able to have a fully functional metal card you will have to ship us your existing card. We will then transfer all the data from your old card to your new metal credit card. Yes we transfer the data from the magnetic strip along with EMV chip.

We will also be using our patent pending technology (first of its kind)  to remove your EMV chip from your card and placing it onto your new metal credit card. We will be sending back your old card along with your new metal card.

Please note that once we remove the EMV chip from your old plastic card, that card will no longer be functional. It will only be able to swipe with it. You will be using your new metal credit card in its place.

Removing the EMV chip is optional. Please note, without the EMV Chip on your new Metal card, your card will not work on the new POS machines that require you to insert your card, however it will work if you swipe the card on these terminals.

Q: What if I lose my card, what should Ido ?

A: Call your bank and have it cancelled immediately. ALL banking institutions monitor member card activity via the numbers on the card, not the card itself. Some even provide fraud alerts. Please visit your banking institution's website for further information. Lion Credit Card does not warranty lost or stolen cards.

Q: Can i receive a discount on my order ?

A: Yes, you certainly can. Once you purchase 3 or more we will send you a discount code to use up. Please keep an eye out for it on your email. 

Q: I’m worried about providing my card, should i be concerned ?

A: We are in the business of making custom cards for our long-term customers - NOT stealing information. What we offer is a very unique product and we are in a very unique business, and with that we pride ourselves in gaining your trust.

You must realize for us to be able to produce a fully functional custom design card of your choice, you will have to disclose your card information to us. There is simply no other way for us to do so without it.

However if you are still concerned, remember that you can always send in a debt/pre-paid card with no money on it. We do not store any card information (unless instructed by you to do so for issuing future card updates) after we have made your custom card – we have it only for the time needed after that everything is purged.

Q: What card information may be customized ?

A: Everything on the card can be customized. After all it is your card and you can design it anyway you would like. We are here to help you with the design.

Q: What is the card made of ?

A: Material: Stainless Steel / Size: 85.60 mm × 53.98 mm (3.370 in × 2.125 in)  / Weight: .65 oz (Heavier then AMEX Black Card)  / Thickness: .65mm